Performance Skill

TVXQ was nicknamed “Liveshinki”for their voice performances that sound comparable or better than their studio recordings and for performing difficult choreography. They were also given the nickname “CDshinki” for sounding exactly the same as the CD even when performing live. With each subsequent release, TVXQ steps up the level of choreography, while maintaing the same level of vocal ability, and continue to improve and better themselves. Their live performances of their ballads are particularly known for their stability, high notes, and emotion. After the split, Yunho and Changmin were still lauded for their stability and stamina to perform live while doing complicated choreography, some of their live concert sets have gone for three hours. Allkpop listed TVXQ among the kings of live K-pop for their performance at the 2012 KBS Music Festival in spite of sound system problems.Videos of TVXQ performing with the background music removed or singing a capella are often praised and circulated virally,and they often get number 1 on best music removed (MR) singers lists.


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