Music style

TVXQ are famous for their a cappella. Their ease with harmonizing persisted throughout their career and is used frequently in their songs, from slow ballads like “Tonight” to fast tempo pop like “Mirotic”. Many of TVXQ’s releases are ballads and many of their non-single tracks on their first four Korean albums were ballads. Their most famous and critically acclaimed music in Japan have been ballads, some with R&B influences. They have released music in other genres in Japan as well, ranging from electronica to dance to rock. With the release of Tone, TVXQ experimented with more pop and electronic music, but ballads such as “Duet”, “Back to Tomorrow”, and “シアワセ色の花” appeared on the album.

Their most famous Korean singles have been pop. Their single “Mirotic”, a heavy-urban dance song with electropop and synthpop influences, is considered one of the staple songs of K-pop. TVXQ’s pop music is often characterized by its harmonizing vocals, high notes, and electronic, dance, and R&B influences. It is also known for the high notes and “screams” by member Max Changmin. TVXQ have also released R&B, electronica, dance, and hip hop music. Some of their R&B songs have elements of dance-pop. In 2011 they released “Before U Go”, which was contemporary R&B.

Their first and second Korean albums have included Rap rock. They have done two rap rock songs with Korean rock band TRAX. Their fourth Korean album, Mirotic, had genres of electronic, dance, ballad and had more heavy urban songs and less ballads from other albums.


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