SM Entertainment Plans for 2013-2014: 2 New Groups, Comebacks & Concerts

1st Quarter 2013
Comeback: SNSD
Concerts: SHINee (Malaysia)
TVXQ (Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Bangkok)
Japan: SNSD Tour
2nd Quarter 2013
Comeback: Super Junior, f(x)
Concerts: TVXQ (World Tour)
SHINee (Asia Tour)
Super Junior (Seoul)
Japan: SNSD (Arena Tour)
SHINee, TVXQ (Dome Tour)
3rd Quarter 2013
Comeback: SHINee, EXO, New Group A
Concert: Super Junior (World Tour)
Japan: TVXQ (Dome Tour)
4th Quarter 2013
Comeback: TVXQ
Concert: SM Town (World), f(x) (Seoul)
Japan: Super Junior (Dome Tour), SM Town
1st Quarter 2014
Comeback: Super Junior, New Group B
Concert: SHINee (World Tour), EXO (Asia Tour)
Japan: TVXQ (Dome Tour)
2nd Quarter 2014
Comeback: SHINee, f(x)
Concert: TVXQ (World Tour), f(x) (Asia Tour)
Japan: Super Junior (Dome Tour), SM Town
3rd Quarter 2014
Comeback: TVXQ, EXO
Concert: Super Junior (World Tour), SNSD (World Tour)
Japan: f(x) (Arena Tour), SHINee (Dome Tour)
4th Quarter 2014
Comeback: SNSD, New Group A
Concert: SM Town (World Tour), EXO (Arena Tour)

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